How to gaing money, freedom
and time using WinSignals?

If you are to really get what you can expect from WinSignals, you need to know how it works! Therefore, please take time to read through the following information, references, guides and recommendations!

Maybe you are asking – Apart from money, can you also gain freedom and time, using WinSignals? Read everything and you will understand it!

How does WinSignals work?

WinSignals is not a bot (AOS), it employs the experience of real traders working with live accounts. Based on up-to-date market monitoring and the detecting of specific market situations, a group of the very best traders from our large team, the results of which are evaluated on a regular basis, sends clients a message about a possible price market impulse. This way, we secure a continuous selection of the best of the best signals.

Sooner or later, with a 75-95 % probability, the price moves into the identified direction and reaches our predicted Profit Target.

WinSignals goals

WinSignals is a project, in which the most experienced traders from our team perform an online technical and situational market analysis. They identify current trends in charts, they monitor the most important trend lines and support and resistance areas.

Using the analysis of the main patterns in long-term, mid-term and short-term charts, they identify the best profit opportunities for making trades.

We do not require any deposit or cash. We do not trade on your behalf. You can use your current trading platform or your current broker in connection with WinSignals.

By using WinSignals you gain time and freedom, when trading. You do not have to spend hours watching the charts, and, in an easy solution, you can make use of the professionals' experience.  

WinSignals is not an investment recommendation, advice or a guide on how to trade on the stock market, or how to manage your money or investments.

How does it work and what's the procedure:

  • 1
    Learn how it works and how to get started!
  • 2
    Pick the right solution according to the level of your experience!
  • 3
    Download the WinSignals app to your mobile device!
  • 4
    Download the WinSignals User Guide!
  • 5
    Start doing business on the stock market, with WinSignals support!

1. How does it work and how to get started

If this is the first time, you are here, watch the short video clip and download the WinSignals User Guide for free!

Read everything and get back to the content of this website!

WinSignals is business predictions, online stock market trading signals from specialists – experienced traders. Whenever they identify a potentially profitable situation on the market, they send out a signal. You can follow the signals and news about their development in the mobile app in your phone.

WinSignals identifies opportunities for profit, saves time and money and, most importantly, in the long run, it is more successful than 98 % of individual traders! Learn in detail how it works and download the WS app onto your mobile device. Here at this website you will find important materials and documents, and you can try everything out!

WinSignals in short (Tutorial):

Take a look at the summary of what the WinSignals information service is all about! Then continue, by downloading the WS User Guide for free, on the right ⇓

2. Pick the right solution!

Before you continue, pick the solution that best suits you!  The WinSignals information service is designed for more experienced stock market traders.  If you're new, learn about the process – how to get on the stock market and then how to use WinSignals. Or you are an advanced trader, in which case you pick the second path!

Are you new on the stock market?
Do not lose time and money!

Find out, how to start:

Are you advanced or
experienced online trader?

We have got great tips for you:

3. Download the app to your mobile device!

In order to be able to use WinSignals effectively, download the free WinSignals app for receiving and managing the signals to your mobile phone.

Download WS app for free - iOS & Android

WinSignals Mobile App

Download the app to your mobile phone!

The receiving of our business signals is easy! Our clients use a free mobile app for iOS or Android, and they gain easy access to the WinSignals information service, wherever they are in the world!

WinSignal messages are received within milliseconds, anywhere in the world. The app allows you to archive, edit and sort the messages. It is a really intelligent way to keep record of your WinSignals messages! You will grow to like this app!

4. Download the WinSignals User Guide

For some reason, this is the most underestimated document, yet it is the most important one! People do not like reading user guides and prefer to experiment.  

On the stock market, however, money is on the line and it is really good to be aware of the conditions that lead to success. Please read this user guide extremely carefully!

How to read and how to use
the WinSignals information service in practice:

Note: This user guide is available for download on our web site. We send the link to clients automatically, upon their activating of the WinSignals Live service. However, it can get lost in the e-mail, but here, it will be available to you permanently and always in the latest version!

5. Start doing business on the stock market,
with WinSignals support!

Reclaim your time with our help! The future belongs to those, who see an opportunity before everyone else does!

If you have already tried out WinSignals, order this information service permanently and make your stock market life easier, reclaim your time and give your profits a chance!

Will listening to what others have to say help you decide...?

Watch this clip and see why clients like our WinSignals information service!