How to use WinSignals instructions

Guide for advanced traders, how to use WinSignals stock predictions with success rate of 80-90%.

What is WinSignals 4.0?

✓ WinSignals are high-success-rate stock market predictions of the price development of selected assets on the stock market.

✓ You can use WinSignals as an accessory for your stock-market decision making, when analyzing profit opportunities.

✓ You can use WinSignals for your trading, or as an educational product, just as you see fit.

✓ WinSignals saves time and money for the subscribers of this information service, and it represents a profit opportunity in itself. You don't need to spend long hours in front of your computer, we monitor the opportunities for you!

✓ WinSignals 4.0 is the fourth version of stock-market signals, rigorously based in the method of Situational Analysis Online (SAO). This method evaluates markets from the perspective of trends, taking advantage of synergies and correlations between the individual monitored activities. It focuses on short-term fluctuations of selected assets, with a long-term success rate of 80-90 %, which you can use for managing your stock market investments. It is entirely up to you, how you decide to use these messages.

  • You can trade, based on the notifications, i.e. conduct your stock-market trades in accordance with these messages
  • Or you can use these predictions for making comparisons with your own market insights, as notifications about price situations with price development predictions.
  • Or you can use them as support for your decision-making or in learning,when doing business on financial markets.

What assets do we use for WinSignals?

Asset Abbreviation for WS
Currency pair (Forex) EUR/USD
Currency pair (Forex) GBP/USD
Currency pair (Forex) USD/JPY
American stock indices S&P500 (Futures SP500
American industrial stock indices DJIA (Futures) DJI
American Crude Oil (WTI) (Futures) C/O
Gold (Spot) Gold

Note.: for futures this is always the nearest contract traded at CBOT or NYMEX

How to read WinSignals

WinSignals message format

A. WinSignal (WS) - a message about an identified interesting market situation. Price development predictions are information, the use of which lies exclusively in the competence of the recipient of the information – the WinSignals user. The message explanation see below:

Detailed structure of WinSignal (WS):

Example: 08:15 WS B007/001 BUY EUR/USD Entry 1,1000 WinPT 1,1055 SL Individual. 

  • A (B) -  Personal trader´s rating. Rating A means the trader achieves the Profit Target Rate in more than 90% trades in last 2 months. Rating B means the trader achieves the Profit Target Rate in more than 80% trades in last 2 months.
  • 007 -   WinTrader´s ID
  • /001 -  WinSignals sequence number
  • Entry -  Entry Price level for Market Order
  • WinPT -  Information about possible Profit Target level or Limit price. Next management of open position is based on client´s experiences.
  • SL - Information about possible Stop Loss individual level. Right level of the Stop Order or Mental Stop Loss is depending on client´s experiences, amount on his account, risk assessment etc.

B. Win Profit Report (WPR) - a message, information about the price level of an asset specified by the WinSignal has reached the predicted PT profit level. The WinSignalist always sends a WPR message, when this price level is reached (regardless of the previous development of the price).  We follow the development of a signal for 15 days, and during this period, our signalists inform about the PT reached, by means of a WPR message. We send no further messages on the development of the signal. Further management of the given position is then fully up to the recipient of the notification, i.e. the WinSignals user.

Detailed structure of Win Profit Report message:

Example: 08:15 WPR B007/001 BUY EUR/USD Entry 1,1000 WinPT 1,1055 Reached. Congratulation! 

Normally, a signal reaches its defined Profit Target within 15 days of its sending.  This is usually the case for 90+ percent of signals. In the 5+ years of existence of our project, we, along with our clients, have discovered that the actual results achieved with WinSignals are mainly determined by one's capacity to learn to understand the system, trading everything, or whatever you know well, and, furthermore, by one's ability to maintain reasonable risk management, and by the learned skill of ending trades in profit, not taking (minimizing, managing) losses.

That's why, in WinSignals 4.0, we send a WS signal, information abut an interesting market situation being identified, to our clients. After reaching the predicted Profit Target, we send a Win Profit Report (WPR) to our clients. We leave rest, with regards to managing positions, to the client. Why? Every trader perceives risk limits differently, and they vary in their ability to adhere to the system, the rules, safe risk management, in their capacity to understand the strength and efficiency of the system, they vary in their emotional stability, their decision-making, discipline, attitude towards risk, ambitions, knowledge (education), and experience.

Five years of experience, as well as a look at the 2000+ issued signals, prove that, within 15 days, the defined Profit Target is normally achieved by roughly 90% of the signals. Only 10% of positions will require your subsequent attention and a suitable approach in terms of risk management. From practice we can tell that even for these positions losses are only temporary, in 80% of cases. Market volatility, as well as stock-market cycles provide us with renewed opportunities for compensation of those losses, for their minimization, or transformation into profit.

For that reason we leave the management of positions which do not reach the predicted PT level within 15 days up to the client. We do not consider it appropriate to tell people who should or shouldn't use stop-loss, for what amounts, whether a physical one, or a mental one. It is important to follow the development of open trades, to adhere to the right money management, to pay attention, in particular, to positions with losses exceeding 2%, not to overburden one's account with losses in excess of 5-10%, to trade, if possible, all received signals, and encumber one's account proportionately. To risk little for every single trade so as to give a chance for profit to every position, while not allowing any loss to add more wrinkles on your forehead!

Download WS app for free - iOS & Android

How to work with WinSignals?

Download and install the app.

Read the detailed user guide!

In order to be able to use WinSignals effectively, download the free WinSignals app for receiving and managing the signals to your mobile phone.

Read the information and detailed User Giude for mobile phones with iOS (Aple) or Android system HERE:

Please read this important information:

The optimal preparation for the use of WinSignals, we consider to be the application of Situational Analysis Online principles (SAO), which we teach in in the Having Fun at the Trader Stock Market course. This is the best preparation for using the WinSignals service safely and profitably.

You can use the WinSignals service effectively for your stock market speculation within any trading system which allows trading to be conducted online, over the Internet.

WinSignals is information and opinion with a certain probabilistic success rate. The main purpose of WinSignals is to point out forming opportunities.

Receiving WinSignals allows the client not to waste time by sitting at a computer the whole day long. Our WinTraders carry out situational market analyses and create movement predictions at times of the highest liquidity on the markets. In our European conditions this usually means between 8 AM and 7 PM, CET. This allows clients in our time zone, without any difficulty, to manage most of their online trades during the day.

After receiving a signal for the market – WS – clients should make sure that the signal corresponds to their perception of the market as well as their perception of the risks involved in a possible trade. Since the information is always the subjective opinion of the individual trader who is sending the signal, it is for the client to evaluate the traders history according to success rate or their way of trading. The trading style and recommendations are a result of personal considerations of a trader, which are based in their own interpretation of the situational analysis of the markets. It is up to the users, how they utilize the WinSignals in practice. 

The procedure of using WinSignals can be as follows:

You receive a a signal through the app in your phone. You check whether the signal corresponds to your perception of the market and whether it is possible to make the trade with respect to your money management and the size of the trading account. In your trading interface, you issue an order for opening a position using Sell or Buy instructions, or by means of a Stop, Limit, OCO order – depending on your platform. Always set the profit level of the recommended profit limit in Profit Target, using the Limit instruction. This way you will ensure that your trade will be closed at the recommended profit level, and your results statistic will correspond to the WinSignals results. Once the price starts moving in a profitable direction, in accordance with the prediction, at your own discretion, you can start moving this profit limit. The recommended Win Profit Target (PT) can be seen as the final limit, or as the first stage of a possible profit maximization.

The stop-loss instruction is designated as "Individual" in WinSignals, what means that you either issue it or you don't issue it at your own discretion. The goal is not to suffer "unnecessary" losses caused by random price movements and volatility. Through stop-losses we, in particular, secure possible profits, and those, you can let grow to their maximum if you are following the markets. For possible actions for controlling a trading position, follow the development of the trading position. Do not otherwise interfere with the trade, and take advantage of the statistical success rate of WinSignals.

With regards to the size of open positions (the number of lots), and the choice of position management methods for positions which aren't successful immediately after submission with WinSignals, you must rely solely on your own experience and skills, as well as the level of your risk aversion or tolerance. Experience shows that the majority of positions in temporary losses sooner or later recover and become profitable. The rest can be successfully compensated for by additional purchases (compensation method), or you can simply accept a loss as your cost of doing business. It is simpler and, statistically, you will make a profit with WinSignals, in the end.

Possible ways of managing trading positions:

As the optimum option for experienced traders, we consider the client, upon receiving a signal, checking their own market analysis system, and then submitting trading instructions for market entry and trade exit, as they see fit. They trade signals they understand and trust. 

In case of an unfavorable position development, the decision regarding further management is solely in the hands of the trader. The client must decide on how to proceed further in a timely fashion, so as not to endanger their trading account. The decision on how to proceed if a trade submitted based on a signal is not developing in line with expectations lies exclusively in the competence of the user, and it is a matter of the client's strategy. It is up to the user to decide how to proceed – whether to stay in the trade, close the trade, or resort to compensation through additional purchases, or hedging.

If the client opens and manages positions according to information from WinSignals, it is also possible to work with mental PT and SL limits – all is dependent on the experience and the means of the client, which vary individually. Taking into account an appropriate encumbrance of the trading account, we consider working with mental PT and SL levels to be statistically more advantageous. This, however, requires the right risk management in action. WinSignals are merely price level movement predictions of selected assets. The subsequent development and trading operations are exclusively within the competence of clients and WS users...

Please Note: WinSignals is not an investment recommendation, advice or a guide on how to trade on the stock market, or how to manage your money or investments. It is simply information with WIN parameters, statistic success rates and a prediction direction definition, taking into account asset price growth and drops, and determining the Profit Target levels according to how they are perceived by the author of the prediction, the signal, based on their own experience and anticipation. The WinSignals team does not assume any responsibility for the recommendations of individual signalists, for the actual results of users and business signal/prediction recipients.

Signals are notifications about probabilistically interesting situations, about potential market price impulses. They contain basic information about possible business position openings as well as Risk Management parameters, i.e. the possible target prices and StopLoss Individual. We leave the issue of a physical Stop instruction, or the determining of a specific stop-loss (SL) value, up to our clients. They can chose different trading options with a mental stop-loss (i.e. without setting a loss limit), or with a physical Stop-loss, corresponding to account size, the size of the business position, and one's own perception of risks.

WinSignals (WS) includes the Win Profit Report auxiliary service (a notification about the reaching of the predicted Profit Target amount). Sooner or later, with a 80-90 % probability, the price moves into the identified direction. In the long run, it is possible to close over 90 % of trading stock market positions opened based on WinSignals at profitable levels. 

Recommendation: In general, in the environment of Act Trader or Metatrader, we recommend to open 1 - 2 lots for every USD or EUR 10 thousand of capital at most, fractions of lots for smaller accounts. Smaller trade sizes result in better psychological well-being of the trader, as well as wider options in terms of managing the positions in view of the encumbrance of the account. It is better to trade more often with less of a burden than trade too much. The recommended risk level is max. 2 to 5% of the capital volume for one trade – depending on the level of experience of the trader.

After being sent to clients, for transparency reasons, WinSignals and Win Profit Report messages are published in the WinSignals Live section of the website. Here, the signals are posted 60 to 90 minutes after being sent to clients. Due to this delay, this online information is not suitable to be used for trading!

Given the international clientèle, the messages sent are in English. You can find the translations of the individual acronyms above, on this page.

Who is posting the WinSignals
in the WinTraders Live section?

Stock market predictions and signals for markets are created by WinTraders, independent traders, stock market analysts and other online trading specialists. The WinSignals quality is being continuously monitored and, the signal providers are rated according their results. WinSignals from WinTraders with the highest Rating can be used for professional stock market speculation as well as for one's own long-term profitable investment management. The signals to the market are usually sent only by the five best signalists, who have reached a TOP A or B credit rating in the last two months.

Regular statistics of the prediction results of the individual traders can be found at the Results page of our website.

You can use the WinSignals service effectively for your stock market speculation within any trading system which allows trading to be conducted online, via the Internet.

How to order WinSignals?

Basically, you have two options, each of which requires correctly submitting your e-mail address and valid phone number. Without this data, WinSignals can not be received.

Ordering from the mobile app

From a mobile application store, the AppStore (for iOS, on Apple devices) or GooglePlay (for Android systems), download the WinSignals mobile app (can be found easily, using the search) and install it on your mobile phone. On the login screen, press the button 

Fill in the registration form with the e-mail address and password you want to use for the app. Confirm the Password and push the button CREATE ACCOUNT.

You will be redirected to the subscription screen with more app description. After selecting SUBSCRIBE, you will be redirected to a payment gateway for secure card payment in the AppStore or Google Play system.

After successful payment, an application with our successful Winsignals will open.

Don't forget to enable a sound alert on your mobile phone to alert you when a new signal arrives.

In case of new login, please enter the Name (your email address) and Password, which you have chosen during account creation.

Ordering WinSignals from our web site:

Click the button HERE or the button bellow.

If you order for the first time and you want try-out WinSignals,
here you can find this option:

If you already know, what you want, click right on the ordering button:

Select an order option and complete the order form. After selecting a payment method and after the payment has been made, you will receive an e-mail with basic information and with login data for the WinSignals mobile app.

Choose the best order option for you on the page HERE. The smart WinSignals service requires repeated automatic card payments (RACP) without the need for further orders or keeping track of payments and subscription expiry dates. The smart order saves time and money for you as well as for us! That is why here you can get the best prices for the least amount of worries!

Order WinSignals service  by filling your data into the ordering form. Accept the Terms and Conditions, subscribe the WinSignals and pay by your chosen payment method - by card or bank wire.

Within some minutes after payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your Login data, and from that time on, you will be able to log into the mobile app and you will be able to receive all the current WinSignals signals. Please check your email inbox as well as your spam or bulk mailbox.

Download the WinSignals App

Using the AppStore mobile app (for iOS, on Apple devices) or GooglePlay (for Android systems), download the WinSignals mobile app (can be found easily, using the search) and install it on your mobile phone. Don't forget to enable a sound alert on your mobile phone to alert you when a new signal arrives.

For login please enter the Name (your email address) and Password, which you have received from us via confirmation email. On the login screen, press the button

An application with our successful Winsignals will open immediately.

We wish you a lot of success in your trading at the stock market with WinSignals!

Your WinSignals Team, Prague 1.1.2021

Any questions? Contact us: