How to use WinSignals instructions

Guide for advanced traders, how to use WinSignals stock predictions with success rate of 80-90%.

What is WinSignals 3.0?

WinSignals 3.0 is the third and improved version of a stock market prediction system, for short-term fluctuations of selected assets, with a long-term success rate of 80-90 %, which you can use for managing your stock market investments. 

WinSignals is not an investment recommendation, advice or a guide on how to trade on the stock market, or how to manage your money or investments. It is simply information with WIN parameters and high statistic success rate. It´s a prediction  of a stock movement direction definition, taking into account asset price growth and drops, and determining the Profit Target level according to how they are perceived by the author of the prediction. The signal is based on their own experience and anticipation. The WinSignals team does not assume any responsibility for the recommendations of individual signalists, for the actual results of users and business signal/prediction recipients.

The probability predictions are short-term. They are notifications about probabilistically interesting situations, about potential price market impulses. Sooner or later, with a 75-90 % probability, the price moves into the identified direction. In the long run, it is possible to close up to 90 % of business stock market positions, which were opened based on WinSignals, on profitable levels. . 

WinSignals (WS) is a supplementary service of Win Easy Management. This service saves you time, money and it presents interesting profit opportunities for your stock market trading. A WinSignal contains basic information about a possible business position opening as well as Risk Management parameters, i.e. the possible target price and StopLoss Individual. The setting of a specific StopLoss (SL) is left to our clients, who can select different trading options with mental Stoploss (i.e. without setting a loss limit), or physical Stoploss, depending on account size, business position and one's own perception of risks..

In case of unfavorable development of a position, we always inform the client via a WEM message, when the loss limit of 2 % of the account size has been reached, while maintaining the right money management, i.e. trading 1 lot/10,000 $ (€) of the account.

The level is selected to ensure that the client is informed about an unfavorable trading development in time and thus is able to make their own decision about how to proceed further, without endangering their trading account. It is a question of the client's strategy, to accurately perceive these recommendations, i.e. to close a deal after reaching this level, or to regard the information as supplementary and to continue to manage the position according to their own ability. The likewise recommended Win Profit Target (PT) can be seen as the final limit, or as the first stage of a possible profit maximization.

After being sent to clients, for transparency reasons, WinSignals and Win Easy Management messages are published in the WinSignals Live section of the website. Here, the signals are posted 60 to 90 minutes after being sent to the clients.

Note: Given the delay in WS message publishing at the Blog section of the website, the delayed messages are not suited to be used in trading!


Who is posting the WinSignals
in the WinTraders Live section?

Stock market predictions and signals for markets are created by WinTraders, independent traders, stock market analysts and other online trading specialists. The WinSignals quality is being continuously monitored and, the signal providers are rated according their results. WinSignals from WinTraders with the highest Rating can be used for professional stock market speculation as well as for one's own long-term profitable investment management. The signals to the market are usually sent only by the five best signalists, who have reached a TOP A or B credit rating in the last two months.

Regular statistics of the prediction results of the individual traders can be found at the Results page of our website.

WinSignals is an information product. It is up to the users, how they utilize the information in practice. Since the information is always the subjective opinion of the individual trader who is sending the signal, it is for the client to evaluate the traders history according to success rate or their way of trading. Different traders can trade in different ways - the trading style and recommendations are the result of personal considerations of a trader, which are based in their own interpretation of the situational analysis of the markets.

WinSignals is information and opinion with a certain probabilistic success rate. The main purpose of WinSignals is to point out forming opportunities. Receiving WinSignals allows the client not to waste time by sitting at a computer the whole day long. Nevertheless, after receiving a signal for the market – WS – clients should make sure that the signal corresponds to their perception of the market as well as their perception of the risks involved in a possible trade. The WinTraders carry out situational market analyses and create movement predictions at times of the highest liquidity on the markets. In our European conditions this usually means between 8 AM and 7 PM, CET. This allows clients in our time zone, without any difficulty, to manage most of their online trades during the day.

A better option for the use of the WinSignals received, we think, is to consult one's own market analysis system and to issue trading instructions for entering and exiting the market from a personal computer or a notebook. We regard mobile apps only as an emergency or interim solution. If a client opens positions and manages positions according to information from WinSignals, it is possible to work with mental PT and SL limits – everything depends on the experience and means of the client, which differ individually. In this second case, and taking into account an appropriate load on the trading account, we consider working with mental PT and SL levels to be statistically more advantageous. This, however, requires the right risk management in action. WinSignals are merely a new movement prediction of price levels of selected assets. The subsequent development and trading operations are exclusively within the competence of clients and WS users...

You can use the WinSignals service effectively for your stock market speculation within any trading system which allows trading to be conducted online, via the Internet.

What assets do we use for WinSignals?

Asset Abbreviation for WS
Currency pair (Forex) EUR/USD
Currency pair (Forex) GBP/USD
Currency pair (Forex) USD/JPY
American stock indices S&P500 (Futures SP500
American industrial stock indices DJIA (Futures) DJI
American Crude Oil (WTI) (Futures) C/O
Gold (Spot) Gold

Note.: for futures this is always the nearest contract traded at CBOT or NYMEX

How to read WinSignals

WinSignals message format

A. WinSignal (WS) - a message about an identified interesting market situation. Price development predictions are information, the use of which lies exclusively in the competence of the recipient of the information – the WinSignals user. The message contains the asset's specification, trade type, entry level information, information about the possible Profit Target level, and a recommendation for the individual setting of Stop Loss

Detailed structure of WinSignal (WS):

Example: 08:15 WS B007/001 BUY EUR/USD Entry 1,1000 WinPT 1,1055 SL Individual. 

  • A (B) -  Personal trader´s rating. Rating A means the trader achieves the Profit Target Rate in more than 90% trades in last 2 months. Rating B means the trader achieves the Profit Target Rate in more than 80% trades in last 2 months.
  • 007 -   WinTrader´s ID
  • /001 -  WinSignals sequence number
  • Entry -  Entry Price level for Market Order
  • WinPT -  Information about possible Profit Target level or Limit price. Next management of open position is based on client´s experiences.
  • SL - Information about possible Stop Loss individual level. Right level of the Stop Order or Mental Stop Loss is depending on client´s experiences, amount on his account, risk assessment etc.

B. Win Profit Report (WPR) - a message, information about the price level of an asset specified by the WinSignal has reached the predicted PT profit level. Further management of the position is fully within the competence of the message recipient, the WinSignals user. It is solely up to the user, whether they will secure the profit, close the position, or whether they will continue to monitor the price development. We do not send any further messages about the subsequent development of a signal, on part of the provider, the information about the given price situation is considered to be final. The WinSignalist always sends a WPR message, when this price level is reached (regardless of the previous development of the price). Thereafter, they do not keep monitoring the further development of the signal, and any further monitoring lies solely within the competence of the signal recipient and user.

Detailed structure of Win Profit Report message:

Example: 08:15 WPR B007/001 BUY EUR/USD Entry 1,1000 WinPT 1,1055 Reached. Congratulation! 

C. Win Easy Management (WEM) - a message, information about the fact that the price level of a predicted asset has reached a loss of approx. 2 % of the account size (we assume safe trading with transactions of sizes of 1 lot/10,000 $/€ of the account size, converted according to the Goldstarway ActTrader platform. If another platform is being utilized, you will have to know how to convert this parameter on your own, according to the financial efficiency of your platform. It is solely up to the client, how they handle the situation and what strategy they choose for further trading management (whether they close the position, buy more to compensate for losses, hedge etc.). This message in itself is neither advice nor an investment recommendation. If the position subsequently develops and reaches the range of the predicted Profit Target, a WPR message/information is sent out about this fact. If the profit level is not reached within 15 days of the sending of the signal, further monitoring of the given signal is now only up to the recipient and user of the signal.

Detailed structure of Win Easy Management message:

Note: AR = Actual Rate (current quote) 

Example: 08:25 WEM B007/001 BUY EUR/USD Entry 1,1000 AR 1,0800 Attention! Risk rate 2% reached! 

D. Win Actual Advice (WAA) - is a message, information about the fact that the price level of a predicted asset has reached a profitable level, but the development on the market suggests that the open trading position should be followed more closely, watching the current profit levels. If the profit development is not very dynamic and profit is slowing down below the PT, we will send a WAA message to provide the option for securing or the monitoring of this situation. We consider a profitable action to be an action, where the signal/price prediction user does not allow for the already profitable level to turn into a possible loss. The sending of WAA messages does not influence the further monitoring of the signal by the trader. If, subsequently, the price level of the predicted asset reaches a loss of about 2 % of the account size, we send a WEM message to the client (see above). If the price develops towards the level of the predicted PT, a WPR message is sent to the client (see above). The messages themselves are neither advice, nor an investment recommendation, further monitoring of the given signal is solely up to the recipient and user of the signal.

Detailed structure of Win Actual Advice message:

Note: WinAR = Win Actual Rate (current quote)

Example: 12:34 WAA B007/001 BUY EUR/USD Entry 1,1000 WinAR 1,1010 Pay attention to the trade position! 

Normally, a signal reaches one of the watched levels – the PT level, or the loss of about 2 % of the account size – within 15 days of its sending. If a signal develops neutrally, when neither of these levels is reached within 15 days from the sending of the WS signal, we keep monitoring the signal and we send the client a PT or WEM message even after 15 days had passed.

How to order WinSignals?

Basically, you have two options, each of which requires correctly submitting your e-mail address and valid phone number. Without this data, WinSignals can not be received.

1. Ordering from the website

Click the button HERE or the button bellow. Select an order option and complete the order form. After selecting a payment method and after the payment has been made, you will receive an e-mail with basic information and with login data for the WinSignals mobile app.

Enter your e-mail address, phone number and password which you want to use for the app. Confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and send the request. You will receive a text message on your mobile phone, which will contain a confirmation code, which is to be entered on the login screen of the WinSignals app, whereby confirming your registration.

2. Ordering from the mobile app

From a mobile application store, the AppStore (for iOS, on Apple devices) or GooglePlay (for Android systems), download the WinSignals mobile app (can be found easily, using the search) and install it on your mobile phone. On the login screen, press the button 

Within 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail from us, containing information about payment options. After the payment for the services has been made, you will receive a confirmation message, and from that time on, you will be able to log into the mobile app and you will be able to receive all the current WinSignals signals.

We wish you a lot of success in your trading at the stock market with WinSignals!

Your WinSignals Team, Prague 1.1.2018

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