What our clients say?

Clients appreciate our service and we are happy to have so enthusiastic clients!!

Among our clients, we have newcomers to the stock market, but also professional traders and managers of big money. They either apply all received WinSignals messages or choose their favorite trader or asset.

Clients have two basic approaches:

  1. Clients trust the WinSignals information service based on long-term results so much, that they simply set up their stores and collect their profits with a success rate of 75-90%. They are dedicated to manage a few remaining loss positions only. The experience is, that even 80% of the remaining position are closed with a profit or accept a partial small loss as a "cost" of their business. They open their trades, set up the Profit target order and follow up the trades continuously. If necessary, they react and solve only positions that do not develop as expected.  It is a profitable strategy for the brave and experienced traders.
  2. The other part of the clients likes to have their trading under control. Either they are trading their WinSignals and then pays more attention to manage opened positions, or they subscribe to WinSignals as the alert to an interesting profit opportunitiy. So that they do not need to sitat computers and charts for long hours . This approach saves them time and money.

Choose for yourself  the best approach with WinSignals that suits you!

What our clients say?

Magical date for Winsignals, right? 🙂 Great performance - monthly over 70-90% success rate! 🙂 Fingers crossed for WinSignals!


... this is how a nice trade look like with WinSignals on DJIA ... Nice demonstration of periodic cyclic behavior  of markets in short periods. Ideal patterns are very seldom... Trader understood the market very professionally 🙂


"... Good performace! On Thursday two Winsignals used SP 500 a DJI... altogether 98 + 81 pips, winsignalists are super!" R.D. 28.7.2016
Congratulation to B037! Nice signal on Gold spot at noon today! WinPT achieved after 2hrs! I was not sure at all but you won 🙂
Pavel U.2017.02.06

Team, this is how I imagine WinSignals to work! Such results during the whole month would destroy the probability theory! However we would be satisfied, wouldn't we? 🙂