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Who stands behind WinSignals

The WinSignals team is a group of investment analysts and stock traders with years of experience in the financial markets. For ourselves and our clients, we create short-term forecasts of the price development of financial markets with a long-term success rate of 80-90%.

We publish these predictions in the WinTraders Live section on the title page of our web and selected WinSignals with the highest rating from our providers are being sent to our clients via mobile app including simple instructions of how to accomplish highly probable profits.

How do we secure the reliability and quality of WinSignals? Who gives WinSignals into WinTraders Live section and mobile app? Stock predictions and market signals are made by WinTraders, independent traders, stock analysts, private Hedge funds owners, and other online trading fans. WinTraders are monitored in quality and reliability of the stock exchanges provided so that the best predictions are sent to our clients via mobile app, stock market signals with a success rate of 80-90% or more. WinSignals from WinTraders with the highest rating can be used for your professional speculation on the stock exchange and for the long-term profitable management of your investments. 

Investing with WinSignals on the financial markets will allow you to do the easiest trading or speculation from the view of technologies, technical view and time-consuming aspect in  the conditions of real-world financial markets. You do not have to deal with the principles of analytical decision-making, or you do not need to watch the markets. We do everything for you, we keep an eye on the situation and prices of assets on the financial markets, we draw attention to cost-effective and especially profitable situations, we add simple Risk Management. We are keeping an eye on the stock market's profitable opportunities for you. Every day we make our Online Analysis Situation, fundamental and technical preview of the markets, we evaluate the economic and financial events on the world exchange markets daily. We create WinSignals for ourselves and for you! We carefully select appropriate business situations for your speculation on the stock exchange.

We regularly publish our results on this site, we are under public control of our clients. We apply this approach as the only company in our field. And we add methodology, procedures, and support to the WinSignals. It is provided by another part of the team focused on marketing support and service. Everything is under the supervision of WinSignals LLC, for Czech and Slovak clients service and support is provided by HNB service.

WinSignals LLC (USA) is a company with significant global influence and long-term tradition in the field of financial, investment consulting and information services for the professional operation of individual and institutional traders on stock exchanges. Under the new name, it transformed in 2010 from the original company Toptradesignals LLC (since 1998). The company has developed sophisticated information, business and marketing practices and products for its clients and partners. In 2010, it accepted some procedures for information service to Trading Signals from the Czech company HNB service and applied it to its customer service and products in its know-how.