WinSignals 3.0 Mobile Application Manual

How to download and use the online mobile app with many
smart functions for receiving, displaying and sorting the WinSignals.

How does WinSignals 3.0 work?

WinSignals is not a bot (AOS), it employs the experience of real traders working with live accounts. Based on up-to-date market monitoring and the detecting of specific market situations, a group of the very best traders from our large team, the results of which are evaluated on a regular basis, sends clients a message about a possible price market impulse. This way, we secure a continuous selection of the best of the best signals.

Sooner or later, with a 75-95 % probability, the price moves into the identified direction and reaches our predicted Profit Target. The recommended Stop Loss value protects your assets from losses.

WinSignals goals

WinSignals is a project, in which the most experienced traders from our team perform an online technical and situational market analysis. They identify current trends in charts, they monitor the most important trend lines and support and resistance areas.

Using the analysis of the main patterns in long-term, mid-term and short-term charts, they identify the best profit opportunities for making trades.

By using WinSignals you gain time and freedom, when trading. You do not have to spend hours watching the charts, and, in an easy solution, you can make use of the professionals' experience.  


What is the purpose of the app

The mobile app is for receiving online WinSignals signals. It utilizes live signals from traders – members of our TOP team. The signals are stock market price predictions for short-term fluctuations of selected assets, with a long-term success rate of 70-90 %, which you can use for managing your stock market investments.

We do not require any deposit or cash. We do not trade on your behalf. You can use your current trading platform or your current broker in connection with WinSignals.

WinSignals is not an investment recommendation, advice or a guide on how to trade on the stock market, or how to manage your money or investments.

The WinSignals app was developed for users of mobile phones with the Android operating system (version 4.1. or higher is required)  as well as with iOS (version 8.2 and newer – the app supports the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch). You can download the app onto your phone directly from Google Play or the AppStore.


Installation of WinSignals 3.0 app:

After subscription of WinSignals please follow next steps to set up the mobile app:

  • Download the app onto your phone directly from Google Play or the AppStore. (Can be found easily, using the search and typing "WinSignals".) Install the App on your mobile phone.
  • After the payment will the client receive the email with login for downloaded and installed app.
  • Enter the Name (your email address) and Password, which you have received via confirmation email, on the login screen. From that time you will receive all current WinSignals 3.0
  • Important! After the installation of App please do not forget to allow the visual and audio notifications on your mobile phone.
  • After you enter the Name and Password, the default screen with recent WinSignals will be displayed. The App is activated for the time of your subscription.
  • Note! In order to receive the WinSignals the mobile data must be activated on your mobile phone. The alternative is the WiFi internet connection!

Color coding of signals and symbols

For instant recognition of WS (WinSignal) signals, the SELL and BUY commands are color-coded.

Win Easy Management text messages are color-coded as well:

Examples of displayed signals:

Click to enlarge the image

Icons in the lower part of the screen

  • All WinSignals - show a complete history of signals
  • Trading - select specific signals for independent tracking, e.g. to track signals selected for your trading
  • Favorites - select a favorite trader - a signal provider, a favorite asset, or a combination of both
  • Settings - allows you to view the application version or log out of the application (Log off)

The four icons at the bottom part of the screen allow the user to:

Icon Favorites for viewing favorite traders:

Icon Favorites for viewing favorite assets:

Icon Trading for viewing selected signals (e.g. for your trading):

Ordering WinSignals directly from a mobile app:

Using the AppStore mobile app (for iOS, on Apple devices) or GooglePlay (for Android systems), download the WinSignals mobile app (can be found easily, using the search) and install it on your mobile phone. 

On the login screen, press the button

Fill in the registration form with the e-mail address, phone number and password you want to use for the app. Confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and send the  request.

You will receive a text message on your phone, which will contain a Confirmation Code, which is to be entered on the login screen of the WinSignals app, whereby confirming your registration. 

Within 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail from us, containing information about payment options. After the payment for the services has been made, you will receive a confirmation email, and from that time on, you will be able to log into the mobile app and you will be able to receive all the current WinSignals signals. 

For login please enter the Name (your email address) and Password, which you have received via confirmation email.